Tech2Grow Collective at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2023

INSIGHTS Tech2Grow Collective at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2023 Learn more before you go by watching our quick interviews below and pre-plan your journey in the Tech2Grow Collective.  Tech2Grow Collective at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2023 11 Videos AnswerStage 10:21 Cobalt Event Studios 8:13 Jampack 15:00 NoteAffect by EventAce 13:28 planning hub 7:32 Sessionboard 7:24 ShowCycle 11:40 […]

Bad Demos Can Kill a Sale. You can Do Better.

Technology product demos are a blessing and a curse. In event tech, they are mostly a curse. They start well enough—hopeful, exciting, food for the curious—but can also make your ears and eyes bleed. There are ways to make them better.

Turbocharged Takeoffs: The Why and How of Fast Event Launches

Like fast food, fast cash, fast fashion and every other fast product, fast events (exhibitions, conferences, brand activations or fan-based events launched in six months or less) serve a valuable purpose. There are lessons in the fast-launch world that even traditional, business-to-business organizations can learn from.


IMEX LIVE! Highlights from the showfloor.

Regulating AI: Who Will Create Ethical Standards for Events?

In the fourth and final article of his AI in Events series, Dylan Monorchio examines the possible avenues for how the global event industry will address the potential risks posed by artificial intelligence. It’s a fast-moving train that government may not be able to respond to quickly enough.

IMEX23 Highlights

We were still having FOMO even when we were AT the biggest event industry show! There was way too much to take in: content, activations, ideas, conversations, hugs, kisses, new connections, old friends, and more. There wasn’t enough time, or energy, to meet everyone and do what was on our ambitious to-do lists, but IMEX was a blast, and we can’t wait until next year. What were your highlights?

Raising the Bar: Addressing the Challenge of Poor Service in the Event Industry

Some vendors (maybe more than usual) are suffering from high costs and a shallow labor pool, compromising their reputations and putting planners in poor positions with their internal and external clients. On Issue 70 of the Cut the Sh*t. Cue the Genius., things got wild. So, we put together a new flip book on how to address issues with AV vendors, although it’s happening across the board with all vendor types.

Optimize Your IMEX America Experience with The Right Questions for Tech Partners

When attending IMEX America, it’s important to ask the right questions when talking to tech companies. Designing an early vetting process around what really matters to you and what speaks to a tech company’s real differentiators can help you avoid hours wasted in demos for tech solutions that aren’t a good fit.