Who We Are

We’re a global cadre of creative change accelerators and seasoned experts who love to win.

Utilizing a Theory of Mind approach, we walk in your audience’s oxfords, pumas, pumps, and flip flops – deliver relevant and actionable messages + memories, expertly crafted for their attention investment with live + media channels. Ultimately, we construct a foundation for 365 days of engagement and layer the glue for your brand + content stickiness.

Our strategists, creatives, and geeks become integral members of your team – working together in concert to achieve your goals, objectives + success.

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We are founded by this ball of fire named Dahlia.

Dahlia El Gazzar founded the agency after working with tech companies and event industry trailblazers awoke her to the need for speed – for closing the gap between great tech and adoption.

She has an OMG-attitude about all things tech, audience engagement + event marketing. With more than a decade of event experience on both the professional planning side and as an association collaborator, Dahlia’s kinship with the industry and the audience is deep.

Dahlia is known as the coffee-fuelled go-to source for trend-setting solutions, eventtech news, event marketing, + social media expertise.

She thrives on netweaving, knows everyone, + she’s always thinking of new ideas.

Our Rolodex is the + in the DAHLIA+Agency.


Image of DAHLIA+ Parters: Event Specialists, Soliman Productions and snöball
Image of DAHLIA+ Parters: i3 events, event industry news and socialx


Michelle Bruno headshot

Michelle Bruno

Michelle is a writer, editor, strategist and brand advisor who loves to connect the dots. With multilayered experience as a supplier, planner, journalist and marketer, she has either done it, seen it or opined about it, making her the perfect playmaker and mentor for clients trying to make sense of the ever-evolving event landscape.

Vivian Chan headshot

Vivian Chan

Vivian thrives on challenge, and hates missing a deadline. (So far, she never has, and she makes sure we don’t either.) This Digital Mastermind’s laser focus in partnering with our clients and team to deliver brand experiences across marketing, design, and social media is only exceeded by her ability to simplify technology.

Corey Fennessy headshot

Corey Fennessy

Corey has deep roots in marketing leveraging all types of media – social, traditional, and digital – she’s designed and built dynamic campaigns across verticals that engage and inspire. Our own Creative Magician, Corey spends her nights dreaming of new ways to creatively bring messaging to life, and her days putting those dreams into action for our clients.


Superstar Support

Our extended team includes #eventprof superstars with deep industry expertise who we engage as needed to ensure your event success.

Tess Vismale

Tess Vismale, CMP, DES

Keith Johnston headshot

Keith Johnston

Alexandra DeWald headshot

Alexandra DeWald

Keri Kelly headshot

Keri Kelly

Shawn Cheng headshot

Shawn Cheng

Peggy Lamberton headshot

Peggy Lamberton

Dr. Josue Andino headshot

Dr. Josue Andino

and many more!


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