Invest in Expert-Led Content

Captivate prospects. Deliver value. Build trust.

How do you create value in a content-saturated space? We make it simple.

The event experts at DAHLIA+Agency become an extension of your team. We know your buyers, the hot-button issues, and the industry – no learning curve required.

Building Blocks

Engage your audience while reinforcing your brand’s voice, unique perspective, and relevance.

Hot Take

500 words

Reinforce your brand voice while becoming a resource for your industry with short, punctual commentary that brings your expertise and unique perspective to bear on a hot topic, news item, or industry update. Perfect for your blog, news real, newsletters, or LinkedIn presence.

Keen Insight

1000 words

Make your blog a resource where professionals can get questions answered and learn about their industry. Offer a unique, considered, and actionable analysis of a focused topic, trend, or issue to build trust in your expertise and deliver real editorial value to your audience.

Thought Leadership

2000 words

Provoke conversation with a deep analysis of a hot-button trend. Release unique, highly shareable research insights that establish your brand as a leader in your industry. Guide professionals through your approach to solving critical business challenges. Open or gated, these assets can spur discussions that extend beyond your immediate audience.​

Pillar Post / Listicle

2000 words

Improve your SEO around a given keyword set and grow your audience with a topical, tip-heavy pillar page that teaches your audience how to solve a problem, explains a broad topic or provides an in-depth answer to a common question.

Major Assets

Establish your brand’s industry expertise with a unique, high-value lead magnet that converts visits into sign-ups.

Ebooks and Whitepapers

2500-3000 words

Teach and inspire with a deep dive into an industry trend or topic that combines unique insights, proprietary research, and actionable advice into an asset that will not only drive email sign-ups, but can also be leveraged for media partnerships, earned media placements, speaking engagements, etc.


750-1000 words

Deliver new research and insights in a visually compelling way that can be gated to drive email sign-ups or packaged for easy sharing on social media.

Email Course

2000 words

Offer high-impact industry education delivered over the course of 4-6 weeks in focused units that your audience can implement one at a time to see results. Course subjects could range from top-of-funnel topics (“get to know your industry in 5 easy steps”) to bottom-of-funnel guides (“how to optimize your tech stack for scaling your business”).


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