Wellness + Balancing Act

Work-life balance can feel nonexistent for busy professionals. Here your attendees learn how to embrace a healthy lifestyle for their mind + body + soul.

Imagine a meditation station, posture evaluation or scent bar at your next event.

  • Our Meditation Station offers three areas of focus 1) 5 easy steps to the best meditation, 2) how to live long or lower stress and 3) silent meditation with headsets.

  • Our expert Posture Evaluation will meet one-on-one with attendees, educate them on injury prevention + provide tips and exercises on how to best improve their posture.
  • Your attendees can follow their nose to our Scent Bar and breathe in the fresh and uplifting scents of essential oils. Our scent expert will educate them the science behind scent, the emotional properties associated and how to use scent to manage their moods, emotions + experience.
  • Work/Life balance is always a challenge for busy professionals. Your event participants will love you for incorporating our sessions on stress relief, burn out, how to be more intentional, + consultations that can bring them a better life balance. From huddle sessions to one-on-one consultations, your attendees will leave satisfied + thank you later.


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