Tech Bar + Tech Advice

Interactive destinations providing your attendees with hands-on guidance on how to use their devices, become more productive.

From apps, wearables + other future tech trends we educate your attendees one-on-one or in groups. Your attendees depart your event knowing they have new skills and knowledge for immediate impact.

  • The Tech Bar has been our most popular offering for the last seven years. An interactive destination at your event, providing your attendees with tech geniuses that can offer:
    » Hands-on guidance on how to better use their various devices.
    » Advice on how to become more productive and enhance their digital marketing initiatives with apps/digital platforms.
    » Engaging one-on-one or group education with instant takeaways.
  • Wine + Apps is a great session format for the perfect combination of wine in one hand and holding your phone in the other to discover apps that work for you. While sipping wine, you and your colleagues will have an interactive session on what apps to use and those to delete before your next glass. The best part is you end up apps that work, new friends, + wine.


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