Want to know which apps to use as an eventprof? Come and join us!

Wine + Apps

Thursday, Feb. 7 │6-8 p.m.
John Barleycorn


For those that know me, know that I live on my phone, and LOVE to download apps. I’m also on a mission to help event professionals exploit new and proven apps and solutions out there to make their lives easier.

We all know that there are too many apps, and we don’t really have the time [or money] to download and try all of them!

So, here’s my way of going about that. You are invited to my first Wine & Apps social session for eventprofs to share, discover, and ‘play’ with new apps with your peers. When was the last time you had a play session that gave you new ideas on how to do things faster and better?

With a glass of wine in hand, and your smartphone in the other [yes, I’ve seen you all gracefully juggle both before] we are going to get together and chat about apps that enrich our lives, professionally and personally.

Let’s talk about apps that focus on:

  • Smarter event management
  • Productivity
  • Sanity

Mark your calendars or better yet, go register right now!

I am keeping this intimate, and only have 30 seats at this session. Because of my great venue sponsor, John Barleycorn, who is preparing delicious apps for us [yes, the kind you eat], I have a feeling seats will go quickly.

The only things you have to take care of are a fully charged smartphone or ipad, list of app questions, social spirit, and purchasing your wine.

(I am still in search of a wine sponsor if anyone knows someone.)

Can’t wait to see everyone!


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