Combine AI-powered market research with DAHLIA+ expertise to get an edge on your competition.

Reaching a qualified audience is hard. Captivating it is harder. DAHLIA+ uses AI to quickly map out your competitive landscape, empowering our event industry experts to deliver actionable, data-driven strategies for setting your brand apart and increasing your share of voice.

Are you connecting with your target market in the right ways?

Developing a robust content and engagement strategy takes time and expertise. It can take months to compile enough data to understand your share of voice within the competitor landscape, and most of the available data is surface-level at best. If that wasn’t hard enough, the picture is constantly changing as new trends emerge and everyone chimes in.

This is why many organizations that serve the event industry struggle with a bland brand identity, boring and recycled content, and underperforming event marketing campaigns.

DAHLIA+ takes care of the market research, analysis, and strategy by pairing our in-house industry expertise and deep audience knowledge with a leading market analysis platform that uses AI to track and collate competitor behavior across the most relevant marketing channels, websites, social media platforms, and events.

Reach your audience. Stand out. Captivate.

Combat market saturation

Unveil opportunities to create content that connects backed by a thorough market analysis.

Speed up market research

Paint a competitor landscape that’s fast, accurate, and always up to date.

Future-proof your market position

Discover under-exploited topics that you can dominate to increase your share of voice.

Find your content “sweet spot”

Find out where your unique offerings and insights can make the biggest impact.

Improve your content partnerships

Qualify and vet content partners, speakers, and third-party players based on their own share of voice.

Discover new revenue streams

Tap into new audiences and topics to help generate more revenue opportunities.

Increase your share of voice

Lead the conversation where your competition falls short to grow your audience.

SAVE TIME (Efficiency)

Get market research more quickly

Our exclusive tech partner uses market research AI to analyze competitor behavior across the most relevant channels, delivering a complete share of voice analysis that would take anywhere from weeks to months to develop manually.

Strategize with accurate data

DAHLIA+ can access share of voice data that updates constantly where manually collected data would go stale as competitors jump on new hot topics.

DO IT RIGHT (Expertise)

Access veterans to design your content and engagement strategy

DAHLIA+ was founded by industry insiders with decades of experience producing content for the major players. We know the difference between flashy search term rankings and the content that will attract decision-makers to the table.

Get expert analysis

Once you have the data, do you have the bandwidth and the experience to use it? Does your competitor really dominate the share of voice, or are they just tweeting into empty space? 

DAHLIA+ translates all that data into intelligible, actionable insights.


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