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It’s show time — and that means you need an All-Star cast.

At D+, we believe a digital conference should be just as compelling as an award show on network television. Our crew has spent time on TV screens and in radio broadcast booths, and they use the same philosophy when they approach association galas and corporate sales training: make it so good that no one will change the channel. With exclusive interviews, at-home translates to one of the best seats in the house.

Digital events aren’t just about the faces on the screen, though. The behind-the-scenes work of writing scripts and managing talent are the keys that make the show flow. And your concerns about dropped connections, frozen screens, latency issues and all the other what-if-that-goes-wrong scenarios? We’ve got them all covered with an in-house team of dedicated technical experts who make sure the screen glimmers with a glitch-free shine.


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