Going Hybrid

What is the best approach for creating a hybrid extension of my in-person event?

This is a question we often hear. Many organizers believe hybrid is a matter of just plugging in the in-person video and audio feed and going live.

Not true.

No matter if you are planning one or a series of hybrid events, these events require more pre-production strategy and planning than the average virtual-only event. And hybrid is not the same for all.

Your event team is exceptionally skilled at producing in-person events and producing these events can be all-consuming for both the content and event teams.

And while your in-person AV company may be telling you they can easily produce your hybrid event, they often are not skilled or focused on producing an extraordinary online experience that elevates your brand, extends the life of your content and creates FOMO for online attendees to meet in-person next year.

Adding a hybrid component is layering on a second event, which requires a second production team to lead:

  • Strategy + Goals

    Defining your online strategy, goals and objectives and identifying KPIs to measure your event’s success and extended reach

  • Content Design

    Collaborating with your in-person event team to design your online content and engagement strategy

  • Networking Opportunities

    Strategizing with your in-person event team to create the right networking and fun opportunities for WHEN AND HOW your online and in-person audiences should connect.

  • Revenue

    Collaborating on your monetization strategy and ensuring value to sponsors and exhibitors.

  • Technology Stack

    Vetting the best online platforms and potential integrations to achieve your event’s goals and objectives and reach your audience.

  • Budget

    Collaborating on event budget and cost containment measures.

  • Data Capture

    The right KPIs, metrics and data analysis to prove Return on Investment and Return on Engagement.

  • Hybrid Event Mastermind

    Keeping your organization, AV company, sponsors and suppliers on the same page and seamlessly moving forward on rapid timelines.

  • Train the Speakers

    Coaching and training in-person speakers on how best to connect and engage with both the in-person and online audiences.

  • Orchestrate the Show

    From crafting the run-of-show and script, to testing the tech, running rehearsals and calling the show; ensuring your online attendees have a flawless experience and feel like they are in the session room with the in-person attendees.

The team at DAHLIA+Agency has been producing successful, audience-growing hybrid events for 10+ years. Our team has shared expertise in all the above and can lead your team to shared success.

Looking for guidance and how to best collaborate with your AV company for hybrid? Schedule a call with our team and we’ll provide you with a roadmap for success.

Don’t have an AV crew with hybrid expertise? We do. Our partner Soliman Productions can bring all the lights, camera, action and broadcast talent to make your hybrid event shine. Learn more»


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