My top 13 Favorite ‘Wink-worthy’ tweets from the king of @unmarketing himself at #MPITechcon

Scott Stratten / @unmarketing + Mark Johnson, Prism Technologies + Dahlia El Gazzar / DAHLIA+ at #MPITechcon

Scott Stratten / @unmarketing + Mark Johnson, Prism Technologies + Dahlia El Gazzar / DAHLIA+ at #MPITechcon

[Note: You have to read until the end to get a chance to win one of Scott Stratten’s signed books.]

I love dynamic speakers. If they can keep me off my phone, and not checking email, then I know they are going to be damn good. I absolutely loved Scott Stratten as the keynote speaker at this year’s amazing MPI Techcon – MPI Chicago Chapter’s signature meetings technology conference [Mark my words: This event will become one of the key industry events that all event profs should attend every. single. year. Get your budgets ready.]

As a lover of everything that has to do with breaking the status quo in the marketing world, the great Scott really put certain things in perspective. Bottomline, “STOP DOING THINGS BECAUSE YOU CAN. START DOING THINGS BECAUSE IT WILL HELP YOUR EVENT.”

And the reason I put that in full caps is because he’s Canadian, awesome accent, and loves to shout AT his audience to bring his points across.  And to 300 event professionals attending the MPI Techcon on a chilly Chicago morning, he did just that. That morning he brought us new ways of looking at stale event marketing tactics, great belly laughs, awesome real-life examples to illustrate is points, including one about QR codes on bananas, and tweetable pearls of marketing wisdom.

You know how you are sitting in a kick ass session and don’t have time to tweet or share great tips, advice, or statements coming at you like fireballs from that amazing speaker on stage? It’s frustrating, especially since you don’t want to miss anything, and yet you want your whole world to hear all the great things this speaker is telling you! You feel as if it’s your responsiblity to share, right? Scott used a great interactive tactic, which I find refreshing, and ALL AWESOME SPEAKERS SHOULD DO THE SAME. [See how I pulled a Scott? :)]

His tactic was simple and yet very effective: When he had a killer statement that he was sharing with his audience, he would state it, pause, give the attendees time to digest it, and share it – tweet away. He even gave us a signal, a wink meant it’s tweetable! Simple, right? Guess what happened? It worked. The most and best tweets at that event came from his session. [Note: share this tactic with ALL your speakers. Your attendees will thank you for it.]

Here are my top 13 Favorite ‘Wink-worthy’ tweets from the king of @unmarketing himself at MPI Techcon:
  1. “Marketing is not a task.”
  2. “To be awesome in business, you have to HIRE awesome and you have to INSPIRE awesome!”
  3. “Nobody cares about what you do, until you make them realize WHY they should over all else.”
  4. “You don’t want to force people down a tech avenue they haven’t driven on before.”
  5. “Best way to kill new technology: Make attendees to jump through hoops to use it!”
  6. “Twitter is a conversation not a dictation.”
  7. “You want better CTRs and open rates? Give them better content.”
  8. “Every time you put up a twitter wall on stage behind a speaker – a kitten dies.”
  9. “I’d rather have 1,000 email addresses than 10,000 Twitter followers.”
  10. “Respect inboxes.”
  11. “Email marketing: it’s about what, not when.”
  12. “Outrage does not take a weekend off.”
  13. #IfYourConferenceHashtagIsLongerThanMostTweetsYoureDoingItWrong

Here’s what you can do with these tweets:

1. Retweet them
2. Send them to your event marketing teams – weekly mantras
3. Print them out and bring them to your next marketing meeting. Start a brainstorming session.
3. Print them and post them around your office

Here are 2 awesome books authored by Scott Stratten:


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