I now have a new website. Now what?

The Future - Blog photoI’ve launched so many websites for others in my lifetime, and none took as long as launching my own. Isn’t funny how easy it is to talk about others, whether they are people you know or brands that you love and are passionate about – and yet you can’t seem to talk about yourself as easily?

You get word-tied. You stare at a blank screen for hours. You then go and ask others that know you well to help you out, and they go ahead and add to the mix by sending you amazing descriptions of you and your work, and you end up just floored beyond words on what others perceive of your ‘brand’.

So your brand has always been resonating differently with different people that have touched you, or you’ve touched them at different points in life. I’m lucky to have met memorable people, and especially since I’m entrenched in the events world, that is what we are all about – relationships, and connections. It’s the way we’re wired, and it’s the way we roll. I’m also lucky because the company that I keep [one of the huge reasons for the ‘+’ in DAHLIA+], actually accentuate my brand, and make me who I am today.

Here are the 3 reasons why it took me so long to launch my website:

  1. Needs to be PERFECT. No it doesn’t. Don’t let perfection stop you from completion. Your mind will automatically try to talk you out of why you shouldn’t launch a website, blog, or product without crossing all your t’s or dotting all your I’s. As Seth Godin says “If you don’t ship, it’s not really worth doing.”
  2. Overthunk it. How many times have you overthought something until you were standing in the way of your own success? Never over think your website. Take the time to think of the basic sections of the website, but you will always be adding on, or better yet, scrapping what you started with, and thinking of something better.
  3. Doing it all yourself. I think we all have a tendency of doing everything on our own. Well guess what, you can’t. As much as I’m an overachiever, and think that I can ‘handle’ it all, I get more done when seeking out partners in crime that compliment my visions and projects.

Now what?

So here it is. And guess what? It’s not close to being done. Come to think of it, a website should NEVER be done.

I intend to share a ton of intel from inside events industry and more important from the outside. I think we need to look outside our world and see what works in other industries and other communities and adopt some of that within our ever day life. For those that know me, you know that I have a very different way of looking at things in life, personally and professionally. So be prepared!

And for those that have heard me speak about technology, apps, tablets, and how to easily make them work to your advantage, you know that I will definitely share those insights with you.

My mission is to enrich the lives of others somehow, someway. Whether it’s a new marketing concept that makes a brand stand out from the crowd, an event marketing campaign that puts butts in seats, or elevating meeting and event professionals’ lives with new tech solutions, apps or getting comfy with their tablet, that’s what I want to do.

So let’s start, shall we?

If you are thinking of launching a website or a blog, and need a soundboard or someone with a different perspective that is not afraid to hold her tongue, contact me.

Here’s to good times ahead.

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