How Event Organizers Can Reduce the Risks of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is wending its way into event work processes and outputs. Using AI-generated text, images, video, audio and other assets poses potential risks for event organizers. Here are some tips to help reduce those risks.

AI Pitfalls and Predicaments: Ethics in the Age of Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving faster than any technology before it. While the applications in events are a fairly shallow representation of its larger potential, the industry is still learning about these tools and their pitfalls. In part one of this article series, Dylan Monorchio provides an overview of the wider discussion.

Essential AI Marketing Tools

Wheel of different AI tools for different needs.

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The Future of Work: Specialty Agencies for Complex Event-Industry Projects

video camera at an event

Independent contractors and freelancers are an important part of the event-industry labor ecosystem. However, some organizations want the flexibility of an on-demand workforce but also need a more robust level of commitment and services. Specialty agencies and consultancies address those needs.

Top 15 Truthbombs About Event Leadership

Top 15 Truthbombs about Event Leadership ~ shared by the amazing Monique Ruff-Bell / Head of Events, TED
“Encourage risk-taking, learn from failures.”
“Self-care is vital for leadership.”
“Give yourself grace and space.”
“Embrace bravery over perfectionism.”
“Manage mistakes with understanding, resilience.”
“Foster personal connections with the team.”
“Redefine success, celebrate small wins.”

The Future of Work: The Impact of Freelancer Marketplaces on the Events Industry

This is the second in a series of articles about the event workforce and the potential of outsourced skilled labor.

The event-industry workplace is evolving. Easy access to an available supply of freelancers, independent contractors and fractional executives is changing the behaviors, capabilities and bottom-line potential of organizations that plan events. Here’s how.