Choosing Between Virtual and Hybrid Events: 6 Top Considerations

Banner with 2 pictures of people at an in person event, and also people having a zoom conference.

As in-person events have been making their comeback – often with reduced attendance – planners find themselves again wondering about the right format for their next event: 100% virtual or a hybrid approach?

Knowing which approach is the best fit for your event boils down to several different factors, including goals, expected attendance, budget, timeline, and attendee preferences.

Events Need to Change. Let’s Start with a Survey.

Image of Dahlia El Gazzar on stage presenting to an audience

We hear this every day.

In the world outside of events, change is well underway. Yet, trade shows and many conferences look and act exactly the same as they did in 1975: grid-style floor plans, square booth spaces and stale conference content.

If we’re going to collectively change event experiences and design, we’ve got to think about how we got here and what we need to do about it.